The Football Genius Review

14th January 2018




Sgt Eddie Reviews The Football Genius

A bit of a false start to the review as we had to put it on hold for a few days but it was worth the wait as both Saturdays bet and Sundays bet won.

I am going to use a £100 bank and bet 10% of the bank on each bet so stakes will go up and down depending on results.

Our first bet will of course be £10.


Crawley to beat Barnet @ 7/5 WON  Profit £14

Bank £114 next bet £11.40


Cadiz to beat Cordoba @ 4/5  WON Profit  £9.12

Bank £123.12  next bet £12.31

Now that the bets are coming through I will update each night after our bet has finished.

A good start to the trial.






Sgt Eddie Reviews The Football Genius