The Killer Instinct Final Review

The Killer Instinct

22nd Oct 2011

Sgt Karl Reviews The Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct is a very inexpensive laying service at only £10 per month; emails are received daily with a selection of horses to lay, and a rule on the odds that you would lay at. Currently it is no lay over 8.0 or 7/1, there is no lower odds rule limit. You can easily use a bot however because the emails don’t come until around lunchtime you would need to be able to dial in to your home PC to add selections to your bot etc.

The Killer Instinct service is simplicity itself, no convoluted rules, no constantly watching live markets (if you have a bot) the only thing I would suggest if you use this service is you set the bot up with a ceiling of 7.8 as it is not uncommon for your bot to lay at 8.0 and the service record the result as a “no bet”. This is due to quite fast variations on the betfair SP near to the off, where odds can and do change quite dramatically sometimes.

We finished the trial with a minus 10 point loss, so what went wrong?

Well nothing really, as daft as that reads I did fully expect The Killer Instinct to swing into a loss, I will explain more clearly… at one point in the trial we were handsomely sitting on a 40 point profit, and for a laying service that is extremely good, at that time I decided to look back over the services last yearly results and what struck me was they had been in this position before of a very handsome profit and then proceeded to go on a very difficult couple of months and watch that position of health disappear into a loss, I did fear at the time we could see something similar, and it did prove to be that way, the service went on a terrible run and lost all of our profits and then some.

So what can we learn?

If you look at their previous history it was very promising to note that not only did they recover the service went on to much better profits, but this was over a quite extended period. If you felt like trying this service you would definitely have to give it at least a year, as it does seem like a classic roller coaster type of service. I am aware the service is looking at these issues and possibly going to start issuing with a top 3 selection to try to smooth the P+L column.

However from going from a 40 point advantage to a 10 point loss is an eye watering 50 point drop  in a very short space of time, and one which cannot be overlooked, so on this occasion The Final Instinct service has Failed.


Sgt Karl Reviewing The Killer Instinct

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