The Longshot King June 3rd

3rd June 2014

 The Longshot King

Sgt David Reviews The Longshot King

One winner and one losing each way selection today resulting in a profit of 10.40 pts to SP and 13.89 pts to BSP on the day. Respective figures after 177 selections ( 337 pts staked ) now show SP losses of  97.12 pts and 63.85 pts at BSP. 

                                  1pt W or E/W BSP
Date Track Time   Selection Stake   SP   BSP   Res   P/L   Nett   P/L   Nett
        Starting Bank                         120.00       0
03-Jun RIP 15.55   King Torus 1   E/W   12.00   15.03   Won   14.40   24.88   15.89   -61.85
03-Jun RIP 17.30   Triple Eight 1   E/W   21.00   46.59   Lost   -2.00   22.88   -2.00   -63.85

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Sgt David Reviews The Longshot King