The Sports Investor – Weekly Review Days 38 to 44

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               A quiet week where we had a non runner and one day without a selection which is unusual, the week did not get of to a great start with a winner  but the rest of the week picked up with the remaining selections for both Morning prices  and BFSP obliging. The services strike rate is certainly getting nearer to the normal 75% and seems to be improving each week if it continues it will not be long before it is achieved. Certainly BFSP has the advantage at the moment profit wise, the losing horse was 4.00 when the e-mail was sent in the morning and ended at 2.35 on BFSP, there has been a couple of times this has happened and also it has missed out on on a losing lay. Lets see what the service can produce for the rest of  trial, interesting days ahead.

Morning Betfair Prices:

 Results for March 25th to March 31st = 5 selections/4 winning lays =  80.00% S/R

 P/L for March 18th to March 31st = +4.00 points 

Selections from February  16th to March 31st = 41 Selections/29 winning Lays = 70.72% S/R

 Running Bank after Day 44 =  106.37 points (100 points starting bank)



Results for March 25th to March 31st = 5 selections/4 winning lays =  80.00% S/R

 P/L for March 25th to March 31st = +12.25 points

 Selections from February  16th to March 31st = 35 Selections/24 winning Lays = 68.59% S/R

 Running Bank  after Day 44 =  122.65 points (100 points starting bank)

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