The Sports Investor – Weekly Review Days 45 to 51

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               A very good week  for the service 100% record on both Morning Prices and BFSP, although BFSP did lose out on 2 winning lays because the price was over 4.oo. Given that we are nearly 7 points and just over 8 points up after 51 days with strike rate improving also, after a poor period initially i think its only fair to give the trial the full 12 weeks and see what happens from there, we have to remember that most of these selections are favourites and it is only a one a day lay.

 Morning Betfair Prices:

 Results for April 1st  to April 7th  =6 selections/6 winning lays =  100.00% S/R

 P/L for April 1st to April 7th = +28.50 points 

Selections from February  16th to April 7th  = 47 Selections/35  winning Lays = 74.46% S/R

 Running Bank after Day 51 = 134.87 points (100 points starting bank)



Results for April 1st to April 7th= 4 selections/4 winning lays =  100.00% S/R

 P/L for April 1st to April 7th= +12.25 points

 Selections from February  16th to April 7th= 39 Selections/28 winning Lays = 71.78% S/R

 Running Bank  after Day 51 =  141.65 points (100 points starting bank)

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