Three Key Football Week 11

5th May – 11th May 2014


Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football

Another quiet mid week but made up for at the weekend. Staking plans Plans B and C not increased on Sunday as selections overlapped.

Bet 59 – Wednesday 7th May

 Selections: Basel (Swiss) (W), Hacken (Sweden) (W), Astra (Romania) (W)

Winning Treble         Bookmaker: Bet Victor     Price: 3.05

Bet 60 – Saturday 10th May

Selections: Spartak Moscow (W), Terek (Russia) (W), Internacional (Brazil) (W)

Winning Treble         Bookmaker: Will Hill        Price: 3.32

Bet 61 – Sunday 11th May

Selections: Zenit Petersburg (L), Celtic (W), Gyor (Hungary) (W)

Losing Treble            Bookmaker: Coral              Price: 3.01

Bet 62 – Sunday 11th May

Selections: Victoria Pilzen (Czech) (W), Liverpool (W), Sporting Lisbon (L)

Losing Treble            Bookmaker: Bet Victor      Price: 3.46

Bet 63 – Sunday 11th May

Selections: Tottenham (W), Sparta Prague (Czech) (W), Sivasspor (Turkey) (W)

Winning Treble         Bookmaker: Will Hill         Price: 3.40

This Week Profit and Loss

Plan A          Opening Bank:            89.70 points
                      Closing Bank:            94.47 points             + 4.77 points

Plan B          Opening Bank:           108.52 points           
                      Closing Bank:           114.31 points             + 5.79 points

Plan C           Opening Bank:          165.01 points           
                       Closing Bank:          184.45 points             + 19.44 points         

Profit and Loss to date

Plan A            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             44.47 points
                       Total staked           63.00 points
                       ROI to date             70.58%       

Plan B            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             64.31 points
                       Total staked            83.50 points        
                       ROI to date             77.02%

Plan C            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             134.45 points
                       Total staked            199.63 points
                       ROI to date             67.35%


Strike Rate to date 31/63 = 49.21%                

Next review update will be on Sunday 18th May

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football