Three Key National Hunt System





A winning horseracing selection method devised by Anthony Gibson with a full tipping service throughout the National Hunt Season.

£28,700 profit from only 253 bets
(£100 level Stake to BetfairSP)



Note From Admin

Jon Sambrook will be reviewing This system/service. Jon will be posting his introduction sometime over the weekend and beginning the review on Monday evening. Until the end of the review I will leave you in his very capable hands. Please feel welcome to comment.


The Three Keys National Hunt System

This is a backing system from Tony Gibson who previously released “The Money Talks” which I reviewed favourably about a year ago. What is very evident is that Tony knows his stuff and both systems make sound logical sense as opposed to a lot of the over hyped nonsense we all get bombarded with every day.

As the name suggests, The Three Keys System identifies selections that meet three key criteria in National Hunt races and also includes useful summary data which complements the Racing Post data you will need to look at to find selections.

The system also includes access to the daily selections throughout the NH season via a non premium rate telephone service. This is a very useful feature that enables you to check you are making the correct selections until you gain confidence with the selection process.

The system is simple to operate and relies on up to date trainer’s form figures available in the Racing Post both in the newspaper and online. Another plus is that you won’t need RP membership to obtain the necessary statistics if you wish to find your own selections online.

The strategy behind the selection process appears to be sound and logical. You will only be concerned with trainer performance rather than horse/jockey/course data etc. You can find the possible selections easily the evening before racing but do need to make the final selections from the available Betfair market prices because there is a minimum price rule that has to be met to qualify the selection.

If using Betfair you need to back at or longer than the minimum price explained in the rules which may mean ignoring some selections or perhaps leaving unmatched bets if the horse does not qualify in the early Betfair market or if you are unable to monitor live racing. Of course, you could use a bot as the price rules are very simple. If you prefer to use a bookmaker, then you must ensure you back at the minimum SP for the horse to qualify as a bet.

The minimum price rule is an important part of the system to ensure you are getting real value from the bet and if the selections do not meet the minimum price criteria, then it is a “no bet”.

Tony also recommends backing to level stakes with a betting bank of at least 50 points as there can be fairly long losing runs.

I will report daily on the selections and profit / loss and let’s hope The Three Keys NH System turns out to be as good as Tony Gibson’s previous systems. For consistency, I will report results at Betfair SP and deduct 5% commission from winning bets but will also show results for any selections that qualified in the early Betfair market.

I have asked James to get clarification on what happens if there is more than one qualifier in a race which maybe the case for one of tomorrow’s races!



Final Thoughts – Summary

Here are the basic statistics:

Total potential selections: 137

Total qualifying selections on price rule: 61

Total qualifying wins: 6 – 9.84% of total qualifiers

Total wins at any price: 34 – 25% of all potential selections

Total potential selections that won or placed: 69

If all 137 potential selections had been backed to win at BSP, the return would have been minus 43.50 points.

If all 137 potential selections had been backed to place at BSP the return would have been minus 22.72 points, so that approach does not improve the outcome.

If all 61 qualifying selections were backed to place at BSP, the return would have been minus 17.20 points, which surprised me a little as I had thought this approach would be profitable.

On balance, this system makes good logical sense but regrettably during the trial has bombed.

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