Trademate Sports Introduction

27th February 2018



Sgt The Graduate Introduces Trademate Sports



Welcome to Trademate – the future of betting?

To quote `Whitney Houston or to be more precise Linda Creed ‘I believe that children are the future’ or to
be more precise ‘I believe that Scandinavian children are the future.’

Trademate is a site run by a group of young cyber savvy entrepreneurs including CEO Marius Norheim
(Masters degree from the school of Entrepreneurship).Tobias Velvang (studied computer science with a
specialization within A.I) and the charismatic,savant- Jonas Gjelstad – who made a living as a
professional sports bettor and poker player since high school wining a staggering 91.2 k dollars off poker
legend and blogger Joe Ingram.

Vang’s journey to Trademate began when he, along with many other poker players, discovered that there
was more profit to be made from Sports Trading and along with associates set up a highly successful site
called The Edgebet which has since evolved into Trademate.

What is Sports Trading?

First let’s hear from the horses mouth:

We love sports, challenges and winning. Finding value is what we are all about whether it is in sports
markets or getting a discount at the supermarket. We get that it doesn’t always makes sense why we
would sell such a thing if it works as good as we are claiming.

The problem with sports trading and exploiting value on the European bookmakers is that they will eventually

limit anyone who wins overtime. This has happened to all of us, so one way to look at it is that through providing this service to you

we are able to get back the at the bookies and at the same time indirectly getting a cut of the profits
through our subscription fee. Or in other words it’s a win-win.

My versions
Trademate specialize in finding value in a bet and pointing you in the right direction.
While traditional betting involves 98% percent of the public blindly putting on bets with a mixture of
made up systems and superstition deluding themselves that one day they will score the big one while the
other 2% is split between a handful of professional bettors who have dedicated their life to studying bets
and making well selected bets and the GREEDY bookmakers.

Trading is more like the Stock Market and involves in picking holes in the bookmakers confidence and
carelessness in pricing bets and taking advantage.
It still involves a lot of studying, fine tuning and to put it bluntly -balls but the risks can be smaller and
you be in charge of your destiny, success and failures.

The Site

A beautifully constructed site, simple to navigate; the teams guidance is thorough and waffle free.
I’ve never traded before and told BST boss Paula that it would probably take me a week of studying
before I could start using it. In fact I was making trades an hour after the conversation.

The bets are generated through their Uber Bot (sounds like a Viz character) and to make the simulation
more realistic the have put certain constraints on the -Fnarr,Fnarr!- Bot.
They have a maximum on odds, limited the times of the trade and to prevent you from exhausting
your bankroll they limited the amount of open bets you can make.

To determine how much they place on each trade we use a formula called Kelly’s criterion in which you
increase (or reduce incrementally) your stake but because these systems can occasionally lead to
financial ruin and also were designed for serial investment and react differently to sports betting
Trademate have have added their own little tweaks to minimize damage.

Talking of which …..
What’s the Damage?

There are two levels of entry.

Trademate Core
monthly 120 euros/ 106 gbp
quarterly 300 euros/ 265.47 gbp

This features
1) 60 bookmakers you can use (they suggest you use a few bookmakers to avoid the current trend of those
greedy mf’s limited or closing your account when you are -dare I say it- making a profit.
A Tool For Bankroll Building
This plan is a very good way to build your initial bankroll, which can later be used to for high volume
trading in the Asian markets.
3)You will have direct access to the Trademate team through the Intercom tool. We are on hand to answer
any questions or offer support.

The recommended starting bankroll is minimum €1.000, and it is highly recommended to spend at
least 10 hours a week trading. This could be heavily skewed towards the weekend, when there is a
lot of action on.


Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports