Trademate Sports Review Week 1

7th March 2018



Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports



I’ve actually been testing this site for almost two weeks (12 days to be precise) but from now on will be
posting a weekly run down.

It’s been a roller coaster ride as I’ve never used anything like this before, it requires a completely
different mindset.

For a start there is no way I can post all the trades/bets as so far there have been 578 so far.
For those who skipped my introduction to the site (and I strongly suggest you go there and also go onto
the Trademate, which provides more clarity and you can help yourself to 4 download books which will
provide an asset to your betting in general) Trademate’s goal is to find best value in every bet and will
inform you when they come up (with a fancy stock market bell, if that tickles your boat).

The recommended starting bankroll is 1000 euros (around £890) which will make it possible for you to
cover the monthly subscription -120 euros (around £107).

I have an imaginary bank of 2000 euros (£1785) and to make life simpler all my results will be in GPB.

So the story so far…..

As I said in my intro being a complete newbie to this kind of site. In fact I informed BST capo that I
might need about a week of research before getting into it. The reality is that I started betting/trading
within an hour.

The site signals the bets available with odds and edge.They also give a specific amount to bet.which all
makes life easily.

Of course, initially I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and also because I was working off an imaginary
pot I got trigger happy and spent a whole day and night frantically making bets like one of those mice in a
testing laboratories who are rewarded with a hit of cocaine if they hit the right button.

And what do you know? At one point I had a profit of almost 600 gbp with a hit rate of 57%.

The curse of beginners luck that has taken many gamblers on a road to ruin?

As I started doing more research my profits went down dramatically but they probably would have
anyway as I made my first bets over the weekend, which according to Trademate is prime time. This was
underlined by the fact that during the week my profits went down to around the £250 mark and the
following weekend they went up to £475.

The amazing thing is that not ONCE did I go into the red.

Is it betting or trading?

My initial thoughts are that it’s an interesting hybrid of both.
Although you can’t trade your bets after you’ve made them.the whole approach is like studying the stock
market and hitting bets at optimum time, studying patterns and working out a way of taking advantage of
‘soft’ bookmakers weaknesses.

Watch this space…..

Total turnover 8.9k GBP

Total profit 205 GBP

Average ROI 2.3%

Flat ROI 3.4%

Closing edge Standard Deviation 4.5

Average odds placed 2.14 (46.8%)

Average true closing odds 2.09 (47.9%)

Hit rate 46.4%

Average time before kick off 3 hours

Number of trades 578


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Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports