Trademate Sports Review Week 2

16th March 2018



Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports



Like most aspirational sites run by uber geek children Trademate’s site opens with a daily affirmation.

Something like:

‘Put in the hard work and the results will take care of themselves’
‘Don’t worry about the days, the monthly results will take care of themselves’
and my favourite one..
‘Refer a friend and get 120 euros’.

This has been a disheartening week.
I’m at -24 gbp, something that seemed impossible a week ago.

The honeymoon period has turned into acrimony, the pink cloud is now a thunderstorm coming through
my leaking roof.

I would like to say my frustration is due to my old age and I haven’t got the time left to ride the success
and failure of R.O.I and bet/trading is for the golden youth who are on the start of this wonderful journey
of desperation, despair, hopelessness, Brexit and Donald Trump.

But my son has far less patience and wants instant gratification faster than Chester, the laboratory rat on

So maybe my despondent mood is down to having a week tainted with frustration, bills, unreturned phone
calls and a first thing in the morning mouthful of sour milk.

Like my scouse mate Roberto would say ‘when everything looks like shite, you have your head up your

Damn, -24 gpb isn’t bad afte r871 bets, I’ve had far worse afternoons.
And this site is a lot of fun and a huge learning curve. So I am going to power on.

Keep watching this space for the next betting success story.

My affirmation for today is:
I am not emotionally affected by my profits or losses


And the story so far….

Total turnover 12.9k GBP
Total profit -24 GBP
Average ROI -0.2%

Flat ROI 0.5%
Closing edge Standard Deviation 4.8
Average odds placed 2.18 ( 45.9% )
Average true closing odds 2.13 ( 47.0% )
Hit rate 44.7%

Average time before kick off 3 hours
Number of trades 871


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Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports