Trademate Sports Review Week 3

25th March 2018



Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports


In the words of Ozzy rockers AC/DC (and the late, great Amy Winehouse) I’m back in black!!!!
£255 worth of the black, actually.

I’m beginning to get slight, apprehensive grip of this site.

What I most love about Trademate is that it doesn’t involve an alleged expert bookmaker giving you
tips and then blowing his orchestra of trumpets when he gets a couple right followed by a grovelling
when he’s on a losing streak explaining this is normal and you should keep pumping money into
his church of ‘how would you like to go from £1-£1,000,000 in one year!!!!’

There are no tips on this site, just bets with an edge.

It requires you to hone your knowledge and particular knowledge of sports.

Through trial by fire I fine tuned my technique by letting go of my trigger finger and be more
selective with my betting finger and it’s worked…… far!

Trademate have also just added another feature which takes you straight through to your betting site
when you see the bet you like. At the moment it doesn’t work on all sites and to be fair isn’t
Trademate’s fault, it’s down to the fact that some sites don’t allow this feature.

So…on to week 4, see you soon.

Total turnover 17.3k GBP
Total profit 255 GBP
Average ROI 1.5%
Flat ROI 1.4%
Closing edge Standard Deviation 4.9
Average odds placed 2.19 (45.7%)
Average true closing odds 2.14 (46.7%)
Hit rate 44.8%
Average time before kick off 3 hours
Number of trades 1264



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Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports