Trademate Sports Review Week 4

25th March 2018



Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports




April 6

In a week that we desperately need some good news, here it is.

My profits have gone up again!!!

Last week, after a harrowing downward spiral into potential imaginary cyber bankruptcy I clawed my way up to 255 gbp.

This week my profits now stand at 382 gbp.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I totally understand what I am doing BUT I have refined my approach.

Less bets.

Higher stake bets.

Avoid things I don’t understand.

The last apply to sports and asian handicap, the latter which I am slowly getting round to.

I’m going to keep my simple and say that this is by far the best betting site I’ve had the privelige to

review and you could do worse than have a go at the free trial (although one criticism is that I think

it it should be longer than 7 days.Can we do anything about that boss).


Total turnover 20.8k GBP

Total profit 382 GBP

Average ROI 1.8%

Flat ROI 2.7%

Closing edge Standard Deviation 4.8

Average odds placed 2.20 ( 45.5% )

Average true closing odds 2.15 ( 46.5% )

Hit rate 45.2%

Average time before kick off 3 hours

Number of trades 1517



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Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports