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7th August 2011

Turf Wars

Admin Gordon – Reviews Turf Wars


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Hello everyone,

The review of Turf Wars has come to an end, and now it is time to share my thoughts and experiences with you, as well as the actual results.

So, what is Turf Wars?

Well, Turf Wars is a selection service, brought to us by Lisa Powell, and marketed by Betfan.

Lisa provides selections almost everyday, and although the Turf Wars service covers primarily Football, as the title suggests, Lisa will also put up selections for an array of different sports, for example, horse racing, snooker, golf, darts, F1 racing and Tennis,  to name a few. Some of these can be anti post bets.

Lisa will normally send her Turf Wars selections via email the previous evening, but to follow her in every selection she gives, you will need to be able to check your inbox during the day, as additional selections can be received. The tendency to do this did drop off towards the end of the review however.

With each of her selections Lisa gives a full explanation of her thinking behind the bet.

She always advises the stake for all her bets, ranging from a max of 10pts. Lisa will also often advise multiple bets, again all is explained and stakes advised. She will often also recommend the bookmaker who is offering the odds she quotes.

So, how did the review actually go?

The review of Turf Wars lasted for a total of 98 days, it exceeded the normal 84 days, a) because I was on holiday and would not have time to compile the final summary, and b) I chose day 98 as it was the last day of July. No bet days are extremely rare with Turf Wars, I dont think there were more than 2.

When the dust had settled, we were left showing a decent profit of 126.23 pts for the duration of the review, and with a total stakes figure of 2099.50 pts for the 98 days a ROI of 6%  So Turf Wars has to be a pass based on that performance.

The averages stakes were 21.6 pts per day.  Now, when the review started the recommended bank, which we used, was 100pts, a bit scary when you are staking on average over 21% of the starting bank each day. The recommended bank was increased to 150pts during the review, but even that may not be enough for comfort.

This service is certainly not for the faint hearted, but if you can stay the distance you are in for some real excitement! During the course of the review, we saw daily profit returns of, for example, 49pts, 56pts, 63pts, 40pts,89pts, 59pts, 64pts, 30pts, 30pts, 83pts, 33pts, 20pts,and 36pts, these are just some of the highlights.

On the minus side, you will encounter many losing days as well, it happens, and you can lose anything up to 30pts on a bad day, hence the caution regards the size of the recommended betting bank.

It has to said unfortunately, that the review was definitely a game of two halves! The review started on the 25th of April, and fairly soon we hit a rich vain of form! By the end of May we were some 286pts in profit!

Unfortunately June saw us take a loss of some 88pts, and July was also a bad month with another 72pts finding its way back into the bookmakers coffers. This means that anyone who joined at the start of June would most likely have lost their initial starting bank of 150pts by the end of July.

I have to perfectly honest and say that is likely that many subscribers who have lived through the poor months of June and July must be wondering what on earth they have done!

Had it not been for this volatility in the profit/loss department, I would have rated Turf Wars even more highly!

Lets look at the performance in a bit more detail, and see if there are any ways of improving the return.

For example, Lisa, like many of us, appears to have a love for the horses. She is plugged into at least one source of information. By my calculations, the horse racing selections during this review lost in excess of 124pts, so we could have been looking at nearly doubling the final profit to over 250pts by ignoring the horse racing selections. To be fair to Lisa, I think she may have already realised this, as horse selections were practically non existent towards the end of the review.

Another area I have my doubts about are multiple bets. I wont do the maths, but my gut instinct is that the multiple bets will show an overall loss as well maybe. I fully appreciate that when backing very short prices, multiple bets is an excellent way of trying to boost returns, and Lisa has had some spectacular successes, but I just feel that overall they will have lost money, especially in the second half of the review, when the selections were performing far less predictably.

Another observation, which is very easy to make, is that things went South as soon as the Domestic Football season ended, and Lisa was having to scour the world to find Football to bet on. One couldnt help thinking that sometimes the games we were betting on, in Singapore for example, were not much better than Sunday League games.

As a matter of interest I also recorded a level stakes profit of 46pts for the period of the review. I must make it clear however, that my level stakes were selective, and I ignored the Lucky 15 bets completely. The only multiple I would record for level stakes purposes, apart from doubles and trebles, were Patents and Trixies.

So, in conclusion.

Starting bank    100pts

Finishing bank  226.23pts

Review profit     126.23pts

Total stakes      2099.50pts

ROI                    6.0%

Level stakes profit  46.01pts

I was impressed with Lisa herself, she obviously works hard to bring the selections to her members. She is also very helpful and approachable. She is also well supported by Betfan, who provide full selections and results on their website.

I have spoken to Lisa, and she assures me that she has made a very good living for 5 years now from her selections. As I mentioned earlier in this summary, there are definite indications that performance may be better during the domestic season, and with that in mind the good news is we are going to put that theory to the test!

Turf Wars is to undergo another review, over on our sister site www.laytheodds.com  and should hopefully start to coincide with the kick off of the Premier League!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this review, there was hardly ever a dull moment!

I you would enjoy the “rush” that the very good days can bring, and can take the long term view which will allow you to deal with the bad days, which all systems and services have, then Turf Wars may be for you.

Take a look at it here, and grab a free 5 day trial.

[Click here to see Turf Wars]

Admin Gordon – Reviews Turf Wars

Stop Press: 24th Oct 2011

A second review of Turf Wars was carried out on LayTheOdds to see if the early success from this review, could be repeated. Unfortunately the 58-day review made a loss and Turf Wars failed that review.