Win Master Pro – Introduction

17 May 2012

Sergeant Jon Introduces Win Master Pro

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Sergeant Jon here checking back into BST as a reviewer. I last reviewed a betting system for BST six months ago but now my cyber buddy of nearly six years, James Fitzmaurice, has taken control of the site again, I was delighted to accept his invitation to get involved once more. Over the past six years I must have reviewed dozens of systems and tipsters, some good, some bad and some downright ugly!

Now, Win Master Pro is a bit different. As a reviewer, I have often spotted trends and tweaked rules and filters whilst carrying out reviews just to see what might happen and whether I can improve on the seller’s results. This may have been the situation with BST’s very own Tommy Halbert as well. Last year, Tommy reviewed the ABX-IV software which he awarded a very high 4.5 stars approval rating. But during his review, Tommy started to record his own variation on the system with excellent results.

As a result of this he has now created Win Master Pro in partnership with Grey Samuels, the author of ABX-IV. Win Master Pro is a backing system that has produced staggeringly good results over the last nine months. Tommy is about to release Win Master Pro in early June and requested that BST review the system applying our normal stringent and impartial procedures. I am privileged to have been asked to review Win Master Pro and having had a few days to practice with the selection and betting process will start the review from next Monday 21st May.

At present there is no flashy website promising instant wealth 😉 nor has the release price been made public yet but Tommy assures me that there will be a website, access to the vital software required to operate the system, instructional videos and membership blog. It’s important to confirm that this is a Dutching system (backing more than one horse in the race) where the software examines all racecards for the day in the UK and Ireland and identifies possible qualifying races.

During the day, the software continues to monitor these races and then advises whether a bet is recommended a few minutes before the “Off”. At this point it is up to you to check certain criteria regarding Betfair prices to make sure they meet the system rules before placing the bet.

My initial thought here is that you will have to monitor live racing and that perhaps a bot could be used so those of us who cannot access live racing and Betfair during the day can use the system.

For the purpose of the review, however, I will record results using Betfair SP. Whilst this may not always reflect the best price available before the race start, at least it prevents debate about the available price for any particular race. Tommy also suggests that on longer distance races, in play betting may boost profits so it is likely that there will be profit and loss differences depending on what strategy you adopt.

The recommended bank is £500 with 10% stakes of the prevailing bank used to dutch back selections calculated to return an equal profit for winning bets. So, you will definitely need access to a good dutching calculator and this will also be used to check one of the price rules before placing the bet.

In the last three months, since mid February, Tommy has grown a £500 bank to £5,258 using 10% stakes which is not shabby by anyone’s standards!

There is a recommended staking plan but the authors have requested this is not disclosed until the product launch. Therefore, for the review, I will simply record results to level stakes.

I shall review this for 56 days with the option to extend it to 84 betting days.

So, let’s hope Tommy has discovered the Holy Grail for all of us and I am really looking forward to seeing how Win Master Pro performs over the next few months.


Sergeant Jon Introduces Win Master Pro