Winning Racing Tips – Introduction

Hi Constables, Sergeant  Mário reporting…

As stated before I will be conducting a thorough review of Winning Racing Tips by Paul Ruffy. The review will officially start on the 1st of May and I will report daily for the first  28 days and weekly until day 56 and then if warrants day 84.

“Winning Racing Tips is a service aimed at professional minded people,those that look to make a profit over the course of a year and look at their betting activities more like investing than gambling. This may or may not have been how you have personally approached betting in the past. But don’t worry either way, with the help of this guide and my own guidance you’ll soon start to reap the benefits of betting professionally for long term gain.”

Once signed on to the service you get a welcome pack, consisting of a pdf and a blank spreadsheet for your results.
The pdf is well written and explains in detail what the service is about,where to place your bets,what sort of bets to place and so on.
The pdf mentions only, each way bets and lay bets,the e/w bets are to be placed at bookmakers and the lay bets on betfair.

Each Way Value Bets
Firstly it is important that you understand that the “value” comes from the fact that we use bookmakers who give us each way terms meaning the place part of the each way bet is normally 1 / 5 (one fifth) the win price.They are not straight win selections and should not be bet in either the win or place markets on the exchange. You should always
bet each way with a bookmaker and attempt to get the advised price.
The lay bets should be placed on betfair at 3.0 or lower,the author states that you should  never lay above 3.0 !

The recommended bank to start with is 40 pts using the advised staking plan,this will range from 0.1  to 1 pt e/w.

I will start the review on the 1st of May using the recommended betting bank and staking plan.

Best regards!

Sgt Mario

A Note From the Service Admin Paul Ruffy

I am currently offering a free 28 day trial which turns into a normal monthly subscription after the trial period.

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I will at some point remove this option from the site, and its probably worth mentioning to your readers that it is available for a limited period only.

With regards to profitability, I make no guarantees for the test period, although I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t an overall profit.

My aim is to prove the the service is genuine, the previous results are genuine, and that they are achievable.

The service doesn’t make hundreds of pts profit, but what it does do is make consistent, low risk gains, for a relatively low cost, taking very little time to follow.

I would expect to make around 30-40 pts a year, effectively doubling the initial bank. Min bank 20pts for high risk, 40pts for safety, 30pts is about right.

The recommended investment for the bank would be min £600 max £4000. Mininum would give enough profit to cover the outlay and make a worthwhile return, whilst maximum would be about £4000 based on £100/pt, above that level it might prove difficult to get on  with some of the selections.

Hope this is ok.

Best Regards

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