World SAM Soccer Final Review

20 May 2014


Sgt Accent Reviews World SAM Soccer


Welcome to my final review of World SAM Soccer . This system base on how much the shoot on target for each team in last five games. So the Team with attacking form will likely to win if it is favorit or draw if it is underdog. We try it at 6 Top european league like the author said in the system. But after 12 Weeks only three league have a good result: Scotland Premier (ROI 14%), German Bundesliga 1 (ROI 12%)  and Italian Serie A (ROI 5%)   . The other league England premier (ROI -28%), Spanish La Liga (ROI -33%) and France League 1 (ROI -12%) are disaster. 

This system can also predict the under/over goals but I am not doing that on this review because the system author it self not have a good result trying it with level stakes.

So my conclusion is  I gave Neutral for this system. From 6 soccer leagues there is wins in 3 leagues and loss in 3 other leagues. May be we could try this system next season in German Bundesliga and Scotland Premier. Where the attacking team have more chance in winning.  


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews World SAM Soccer