Neutral Pending Further Review

We have decided to put HOT HORSES in the Neutral section of the blog for the time being until the start of the flat season where by David will start the review again.

Hi Bloggers

Well bloggers another week has past  and no selections as i mentioned last week i would call a halt to this review if there was no bets.  It will probably be sods law that i stop this review and then the selections start to come in, but the last selection was 6 weeks ago and of course one cannot conduct a review like this.  Now i have looked at the Hot Horses website  and the results  since 2004 and i feel the best time for this system to be reviewed would be the start of the flat season proper at the end of March or beginning of April, most of the systems selections occured from these months upto September. In fairness i cannot make a judgement based on only two results the loss is only 2 points given the price of some of the  selections shown this figure could easily change, so my recommendation would be to put this on standby or in the neutral section pending  a further review.

Selections for week 8th to 14th February= None

Running Bank after Day 51 = 98 points (100 points start)

Best Regards