Champion Draws  Final Review

Champion Draws

Sgt Tommy reviews Champion Draws

Passed – and approved

Rating: ★★★★½

Hi Bloggers,

A relatively easy final review for a change and my first real successful service/product in just about a year!

So I started reviewing Champion Draws  84 days ago which as its’ name suggests is a service offering ‘draw’ selections from various major leagues in Europe, specifically, England, Scotland, Germany,Italy, Spain, France and most recently, Greece.

The Champion Draws is simplicity itself with the selections being emailed normally once a week for the weekends action. There have been the odd mid-week selections but these have been rare.

These selections have consisted of either an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ bet, with the staking criteria representing a proportion of your starting bank as follows:

‘A’ bet – 3%

‘B’ bet – 6%

‘C’ bet – 9%

‘D’ bet – 12%

I think this staking plan has been crucial to the success of Champion Draws where on average 1 win bet in 3 has returned a profit. This being especially true with ‘C’ and ‘D’ bet successes obviously.

These are the complete figures for the 84 day review.

Total selections – 40

‘A’ bets –   wins – 4       losses – 12

‘B’ bets –    wins – 6       losses – 9

‘C’ bets –     wins – 3      losses – 3

‘D’ bets –     wins – 3      losses – 0

So a total of 16 wins out of 40 giving a S/R of 40% with an overall flat stake profit of  + 239.87 pts

Crucially, out of 40 matches, we only ever reached the ‘D’ bet selection 3 times, and, as has been seen, has returned a 100% S/R for this particular bet.

Now, obviously, we can speculate how the figures may have been drastically decreased by say a ‘D’ bet loss or 1 or 2 more ‘C’ bet losses. This is a point to take note of for the future, especially as we have seen the recent demise of another soccer  service after having performed so well during the review period.

To this end, I will be suggesting that we continue to ‘keep tabs’ on the service and maybe give an updated review once a month or so for our loyal members out there.

So in conclusion, after the 84 day period and with the figures reported, I really have no option but to pass Champion Draws with ‘flying colours’ and would highly recommend  Champion Draws as a welcome addition to your ‘betting arsenal’!

We understand that the price for Champion Draws is to go up when doors reopen, however there will an opportunity for readers of BST to join at a

reduced price, so watch your inbox for further details!

All the best,

Update-Monday 21st Feb 2011

Although this done very well during the review period it is obvious that using the format of betting to certain amounts on whether a selection is A, B, C or D rated does carry more risk, it might be an interesting fact that just backing all selections during the review to 1 point level stakes would have produced a profit of  11.85 points from just 40 selections a ROI of 29.625% which would still justify its rating.  Of course the level stakes are not endorsed by the vendor but does illustrate the profitability of the service.


RM Dave

Update by Admin- 20th April 2011

Since the review of Champion Draws finished in February, as most of our readers will know, it has not performed anything like it did during the review period, if fact it has been extremely poor. As the final review and rating is based solely on its performance during the review period, it has been decided to add this update to make readers aware of the current situation.

So, since the end of the official review to the date of this update, there have been a total of 26 selections, of which 23 have lost.

This has reduced the bank from 355pts at the end of our review, to 103 pts currently, so practically all the profit has gone.

During this period there have been 4 “D” bets which have lost, each of which took with it 12% of the bank.

If we get further information we will continue to add further updates.


Admin Gordon

Sgt Tommy-Reviews Champion Draws

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