Daves Pro Golf Selections  Week 5      December 20th

  Hi Bloggers

          Couple of things to sort out from last week i mistakenly put in the wrong figure for the 2nd placed bet and have adjusted the figures accordingly, the second point is the service is claiming a win bet on Day 3 of the 2/3 ball i never received this selection by e-mail and i did check  the website and did not find anything on there, if i do receive the selections then they will not be counted  in my review win or lose. Now on to this week only one tournament the South African Open a better period this time with the service getting the winner, 4th and 5th(Joint) for a 12.50 points profit, but the service is still showing a loss of 3.63 points overall. There was no 2/3 ball selections this week so the profit still stands at 4.05 points. Anyway as far as i know there is no more tournaments until the  6th January 2011 so may i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  Here is the breakdown:

Week 5 Odds Result P/L
South  African Open      
T Clark                     8/1 Lost -2
E Els                         9/1 1st 11.25
C Shchwartzel      10/1 4th 1.5
J Kingston         30/1 Lost -2
R Rock                     50/1 5th 5.75
D Howell                 70/1 Lost -2
Main Bets Week 5 = plus 12.50 points      
Cumulative Bank = 196.37 ( minus 3.63)      
2/3 Ball Bets Week 5      
No Selections      
Cumulative Bank = 104.05 points (+4.05)    


RM Dave

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