Football Bankbuilder Days 82 to 83

7th November 2013


Sgt Jack  – Reviews Football Bankbuilder


A surprisingly difficult day to find qualifying fixtures. In the end I had to look late into the night to make up the trio.

Ajax v Celtic| Lay @ 1.98 | WON | P/L 0.95
Flamengo v Goias | Lay @ 1.82 | WON | P/L 0.95
Kansas City v New England | Lay @ 1.91 | WON | P/L 0.95

Another clean sweep of winners really helping the system as we enter the last week of the trial. Staking remains the same on all the plans.

Staking Plan A (Fibonacci)

Starting Bank: 176
P/L (Today) : 3.02
Running Bank : 197.42

Staking Plan B (Two Steps Back)

Starting Bank: 176
P/L (Today) : 3.11
Running Bank : 204.76

Staking Plan C (Level Stakes)

Starting Bank: 176
P/L (Today) : 2.99
Running Bank : 182.69

(Note Betfair commission of 5% has been deducted from all profits)

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jack Reviews Football Bankbuilder