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19th March 2010 – End of Review –  [rating:1.5]

Coca-Cola League Championship

Newcastle United (at home to scunthorpe) Wednesday 17th March

Best Price: 1/3 (1.33 )

Recommended Bet: 150 points on Newcastle to Win. – WON +47.03 Points


Total for period = +47.03 Points

Cumulative P/L = +61.11  Points


Now this may seem like a lot of points profit for a 56 day time span but let me enlighten you a little.

We spent 2800 points to make 61 points profit. The average amount of your bank staked was 215 points per bet. This is very very high risk wagering.

I reported results using Betfair Prices so that means that i should show what average bets you will be making to make each profit.

For example we placed £2800 worth of bets in 56 days to make £61 profit? Seem reasonable? hardly!

The average bet made was £215 at averager odds of 1.2, making on average £43 profit if that bet won and losing £215 if it lost.

Purely on this basis of the high risks involvd with this service. It has failed a 56 day review.



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