Footballing Prophets Introduction


My name is Ian Morris.  Many of you will know me from BV Lays that was trialled some time ago on this very blog.  For those of you that don’t know me, i am a 32 year old Welsh man currently residing in Llanelli.  My interests are developing systems/strategies for use on Betfair.  I mainly stick to Horse Racing, however i successfully trade major events, sticking to what i know best, which is god’s game of Rugby union.

I actually contacted James about Footballing Prophets, as i have been using them for while now with a huge amount of success.  The results on their website are 100% accurate.  They respond to email queries quickly and effectively.  They do not promote using the usual Riff-Raff we are all used to.  My involvement with them so far has led me to believe they are a totally transparent service, which is a refreshing change.

That’s enough about me,  let me tell you about what you get if you sign up to Footballing Prophets…

Firstly Footballing Prophets is a subscription based product sold via Clickbank.  They offer 3 levels of subscription…

10% Club

Aimed at doubling your bank over and over.  As the name suggest your stake will be based on 10% of your total bank, recalculated after each bet.  Normally 1-2  selections per email, however there will be occasions where there is no selection for that day.

On The Draw Club

Again the name suggest what the tips are intended for, to DRAW.  There are up to 10-15 tips per email.  These tips are best used with level stakes.

Full Tips Service

With this service you receive Both of the above services PLUS you also get their Best Bets Service for free.  These free bets are their most favoured Home & Away bets for that day,  sometimes these will include selections also tipped in the other services they offer.

They also offer their Best Bets service for free on Saturdays via their website.

In summary Footballing Prophets is a subscription based BACKING service tipping on English and Scottish football leagues.  Emails are sent out the night before in plenty of time to get your bets on.  They have been online since December 2009, and have made some remarkable profits during that period.  However the proof is always in the pudding, and i will be providing a daily post regarding the selections and their profit/loss for the next 30 days.   After this time a weekly roundup will be provided for up to 8 weeks after the initial one month trial.

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