Hi Bloggers

The review of this system starts tomorrow, 1 May 2010.

The system is a laying system and offers two staking plans.  One is based on a percentage of the bank depending upon the odds and the other is based on a straight level staking system. They suggest that for a £1,000 bank you divide the bank by 50 and place £20 per selection. £20 is therefore 1 point on the level staking basis. For the purposes of the trial we will also use a starting bank of £1,000. They recommend revising the level stake every week or every month (divide the new bank by 50 each week or month to get the new level staking value). We will stick with £20 per point for the first month of the trial, as I believe that it is simpler all around.

Their website (www.free-profits.com) says that they have been proofing the results to Racing-Index for two years and the last few months profits look very healthy showing January £1,069 profit,  February £2,126 profit, March £67 loss and April a massive £6,057 profit. Let’s hope that we can achieve similar results!

I hope that this one works out better than the last one I reviwed, JCA Racing!

Kind regards and enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.