Lets Get Layed – Final Review

Lets Get Laid

22nd Jan 2012

Sgt Tommy reviews Lets Get Layed

PASSED but downgraded to 3.5 stars after admin approval.

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Hi Bloggers,

So we come to the end of the ‘Lets Get Layed‘ review. We started with 3 separate systems and 3 separate banks of 200pts each.

The ‘Lets Get Layed‘ original system was unfortunately suspended after a few weeks and finished with a bank of +94.95pts with a loss of -105.05pts.

Obviously this failed the 12 week review.

‘System 3’, the ‘bonus lay’ system ended the review with a bank of +208.30pts, a small profit of +8.30pts over the 12 weeks.

This ended in profit thanks to day 84 out of 84 giving +11.40 pts, otherwise the system may well have ended in negative figures.

Again if I had been testing this system alone, it would have been very much in the ‘neutral camp’ with definite recommendations for further testing to be carried out. (This is in fact what Dave (vendor) will be doing with this system)

So we come to the ‘handicapped horses’ system which ended the review with extremely nice figures, a closing bank of +352.25pts which is a profit of +152.25pts over the 12 week period.

This was betting at level stakes of 2pts on each selection, so obviously the level stake profit would have been +76.12pts starting with a 100pt bank.

So a 76% return on investment after 12 weeks. Not too shabby!

Obviously the ‘handicapped horses’ system has passed the trial with flying colours and would be my idea of an ideal laying system to follow for many weeks and months to come. With this in mind, I will be following this particular system closely over the next few months and reporting back with monthly updates as necessary.

Dave has also kindly provided a spreadsheet of liability staking, 5%,7.5% and 10% for  the last 4 months which is detailed below.


‘Handicapped horses system’

In total there were 307 selections over the 12 weeks for this system.

We had 265 winning lays out of these which is a strike rate of 86.31%.

That is an average lay price of 6.28 for each selection.

The longest losing run was 2 which happened only twice in 84 days.

The longest winning run was 24 straight winning lays between 25th Nov and 6th Dec.

We also had several winning runs of 10 or 12 straight lays.

That would be my idea of consistency!

So to sum up.

I have no problem in recommending the ‘handicapped horses’ system as a definite addition to the betting armory. I would have given this a score of 5 stars if this had been the only system under review.

I did have the other 2 systems to score also which did not do so well so I am therefore giving a final mark of 4 out of 5 stars.

This includes the very good customer service given by Dave and his team as well as the consistency of the system.

At the moment there is a 7 day free trial of the service and then a monthly payment of 39.99GBP**.

**Dave (the vendor) has kindly offered a 10GBP monthly discount to any BST readers who enter the code ‘GETLAYED’ when signing up.

Review Manager note:

This is a tricky one to rate as there are three separate tipping systems. Tommy’s rating of 4 stars for Lets Get Layed is basically for the successful “Handicapped Horses”

Please bear in mind that the original system made a large loss and “failed” the review. The “Bonus Lay” only made a small profit and would have been given a neutral rating.

When considering our final rating of 4 stars, please bear the above in mind.

Rich – Review Manager

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All the best, Sgt Tommy reviewing Lets Get Layed.