Point2Lay Introduction

18th august 2011


Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Point2Lay

Hi Bloggers,

The Point2Lay software is one of two products from UK Horse Racing Bets.

1)      Point2Lay software – lay software

2)      Pointer software – backing software

The lay software spots false favourites in horse racing win markets based on TFQR (Tax Free Quid Ratings). Point2Lay runs, scans, rates all UK races. The selections will be highlighted in RED.

The program does all the job for the user, so it isn’t necessary to insert any data. There is no need to study data- horse race stats, trainer, jockey, etc, etc. The software does all that for the user.

Betting bot is included. The bot, by default, will not place lay bets on odds over 5.0 but this option can be changed by the user to any desired odds.

Point2Lay operates in 3 ways:

1. Manual Mode – the software spots the selections and the bets are placed manually

2. Semi-Manual Method – the software spots the selections and the bets can be placed instantly by using the dropdown menu on the betting bot to select Bet Now

3. Auto Bet Method – doesn’t need any description. Just spare 2 minutes of your time, set up and go away if you want.

The UK Horse Racing Bets team recommend Manual Mode if you are free to be by your computer. But if for any reasons you are away from your computer, the auto betting feature is the option to use.

In order to work smoothly the software needs a good internet connection, a paid Racing Post account (£2 per week) and of course a Betfair account.

About the price: Point2Lay is free for the first 15 days and then £49.99 every 3 months. Alternatively for one month the price is £24.99.

On this review it will be use an initial Bank of 1000 points and will risk 100 point on every bet.

Max odds will be 5.0, Auto Bet Method will be used for the review.

For the start Point2Lay will be reviewed for 56 betting days and this period will be extended to 84 days if everything looks good.

[Click here to see Point2lay]


Sgt Lucian – Introduces Point2Lay