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Final Review

Racing Secrets Exposed

Please find below my final review for the Racing Secrets Exposed tips service.


This Racing Secrets Exposed service is provided by Kris Jackman who created the Racing Secrets Exposed Book which focusses on selecting horses to lay – for more information on this, please refer to the posts on the blog called ‘Racing Secrets Exposed eBook’.

The Racing Secrets Exposed tips service is provided by a daily email and contains selections that Kris himself has pinpointed as ideal horses to lay.

The Racing Secrets Exposed tipping service costs £37 a month, with an initial payment of £7 the first month and payment is via Clickbank.  This is for the ‘Platinum’ package, there is the option of an upsell to the ‘Ultimate’ package but I want to concentrate on the results so let’s move on.

The Betting Banks

I used 2 betting banks, each based on 100 pts where 1 pt = $10.  Selections were layed on Betfair for 1 pt each with an aim of winning 0.95 pts (£9.50) for each successful lay.

I used 2 banks for the following reason : The email containing the lay selections advised a price that was trading on Betfair at that particular time, however the email was normally received between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. UK time.

As this price was likely to fluctuate before the off, I decided to use another bank based on the Betfair Starting Price.

So the two banks were christened Early Bird (based on the email price) and BFSP (Betfair Starting Price).

Some Statistics

In the 84 days of testing Racing Secrets Exposed Tips, 83 horses started a race.

16 horses actually won the race (unsuccessful lay) :

Date Time Course Selection BFSP Early Bird Pos
05/08/2010 06:10 Sandown Drift & Dream 3.75 3.55 1st/8
06/08/2010 04:00 Brighton Piazza San Pietro 5.10 4.10 1st/6
06/08/2010 07:25 Haydock Christmas Carnival 4.80 5.10 1st/7
10/08/2010 06:50 Nottingham Rock Ace 3.45 3.60 1st/9
12/08/2010 07:55 Chepstow Bute Street 5.6 9 1st/10
30/08/2010 04:45 Ripon Amenable 7.4 8.8 1st/9
31/08/2010 02:30 Ripon Dark Ranger 12 11 1st/11
02/09/2010 04:35 Epsom Baralaka 3.8 2.78 1st/10
08/09/2010 03:30 Uttoxeter Bens Folly 7 6.6 1st/11
10/09/2010 04:45 Chester Rigidity 2.8 4.6 1st/8
23/09/2010 05:30 Wolverhampton Take Away 2.62 4.4 1st/12
24/09/2010 02:20 Worcester Crystal Rock 6.6 5.3 1st/12
28/09/2010 06:00 Newbury Regal Park 2.48 2.42 1st/8
30/09/2010 02:55 Ayr Heartbreak 5.2 5 1st/7
01/10/2010 04:50 Newmarket Sarrsar 5.1 5 1st/15
14/10/2010 06:50 Kempton Cinderkamp 3.85 6 1st/12
Average 5.10 5.45

This means that 67 horses lost the race for a successful lay with an average lay price of 7.17 (BFSP) and 6.06 (Early Bird).

The Results

The BFSP bank finished the trial at -2.85 pts (-£28.50).

The Early Bird bank finished the trial at -8.55 pts (-£85.50)

Of course, this needs to be put into context with the monthly payments for the Racing Secrets Exposed Tips, which were £7 (month 1) and £37 twice (months 2 and 3).  This adds up to £81 ( or 8.1 pts).

So in reality, you can argue that for BFSP, you would be looking at -10.95 pts (-£109.50) and for Early Bird, -16.65 pts (-£166.65)

Once again, this is based on 1pt = £10.

A final table

Bank Selections Successful Strike Rate (%) Profit pts Profit pts (with subs)
BFSP 83 67 80.72 -2.85 -10.95
Early Bird 83 67 80.72 -8.55 -16.65


In working how to rate Racing Secrets Exposed Tips, I’ve had a look over my spreadsheet.  Out of the 16 winners (unsuccessful lays), 10 of them came between 30/08/2010 and 01/10/2010.  So much so, that the profit and loss for the 24 Racing Secrets Exposed selections in that period amounted to -30.75 pts (BFSP) and -31.65 pts (Early Bird).

From 02/10/2010 to 20/10/2010 (end of trial), the system rallied with just 1 winner (unsuccessful lay) in 16 selections amounting to a profit of +12.35 pts (BFSP) and +10.65 pts (Early Bird)

So this tells me that it has good patches and bad patches…possibly the definition of any laying system – but the bad patches have outweighed the good during this trial.

On 28/07/2010, Kris (system author) sent me an email informing the system was ‘just over 40 pts up for the year so far’ – no results were supplied to back this up (mind you I didn’t ask as it was the start of the trial and I wanted to look forward, not back) and there are no results shown anywhere on the Racing Secrets Exposed website, so I am unable to ascertain whether this is correct – I would also make an assumption that the 40 pts doesn’t have deductions for the monthly Racing Secrets Exposed subscriptions (which for the end of July would have amounted to £229 (or 22.9 pts if using 1 pt = £10).

The Verdict

I can only base this on the 84 days that I have had to do the trial.  I don’t know myself howRacing Secrets Exposed Tips has performed in the past, and I don’t know how it will perform in the future.

Based on the subscriptions, betting at £10 stakes would have left me a total of -£109.50 (BFSP) and -£166.50 (Early Bird).

Ramping those stakes up (and still including subscriptions), betting at £100 stakes would have left me total of -£366 (BFSP) and -£936 (Early Bird).

Taking all this into account, I deem Racing Secrets Exposed Tips to have failed.  I will award it 2 stars based on there being no problems with the daily email not turning up.  Also, the system was rallying a bit in the last two weeks.

Whilst failing Racing Secrets Exposed for the period I tested it, I advise it should be retested in the future with a view to seeing if the categorisation can be changed based on a new reviewing period.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Cheers for now,

Sgt Rob reviews Racing Secrets Exposed