Three Key Football Final Review

26th May 2014


Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football

The review took place for the twelve weeks between 1st March and 18th May 2014. I would have preferred that the review had taken place earlier in the season rather than towards the end as selections did become increasingly difficult to find in the last three or four weeks as major leagues finished and more teams than usual had little to play for. Add in the forthcoming World Cup and I’m sure some international players, keen to avoid injury, may have eased up in the last few games which might also have had an impact on some results.

Three Key Football is a STRATEGY rather than a system as the user self selects matches based on certain criteria. This did cause some concern amongst BST readers as can be seen in various comments received during the review and certainly, I agree that this is a shortcoming especially as it is not clear on the sales page that you will be making the final choice of selections rather than the system doing so for you. This means that different users will make different selections, get different results and therefore different levels of profitability. It also makes it more difficult to verify the results of the review although I assure readers that I did not back fit any declared results as that would have been pointless and totally contrary to the ethics of both BST and this reviewer.  

In the e-manual, the author does explain how further research is necessary into different matches before making the final selections and I did discuss with him what additional filters the user might apply and between us we agreed that current form is the most important plus respective league positions, possibly past H2H’s and consideration about the importance of the match to both teams. Such research is easily obtained online from any of the free soccer stats sites.

In my introduction, I suggested that you don’t need to have an in depth knowledge about football to use the strategy although some previous experience would help fine tune your selections more easily. After reviewing Three Key Football for twelve weeks I now consider you do need at least some knowledge of football as the additional research is essential and not an “optional extra” if you want to make long term profit. It is not simply a matter of selecting the two or three top rated matches from the recommended stats site.  


Three Key Football involves backing favourites in doubles and trebles that meet certain price criteria and recommends the use of a particular football stats site to identify qualifying matches and then Oddschecker to select the best price available from bookmakers or exchanges. Interestingly, Bet Victor and William Hill were the best value bookmakers for 43 of the 68 bets (63%) so it may not be necessary to have dozens of bookmaker accounts to maximise returns.

The e-manual is clearly set out with several examples of how to select matches and check the required price criteria.  Additionally, the author urges caution with cup matches (which I agree can often be unpredictable) and absolutely no friendlies.

Review Statistics 

Total Bets:     68
Total Wins:    33
Total Lost:     35
Strike Rate:   48.53%  Very close to 47% strike rate advertised on sales page

Profit & Loss and ROI: A starting bank of 50 points was assumed for each of the following recommended staking plans in the e-manual.

Level Stakes: 1 point staked on each bet

Total Staked:  68.00 points
P&L:           + 45.99 points
ROI:              67.63%

Plan B: Loss recovery staking with built in stop loss

Total Staked:  90.75 points
P&L:           + 69.29 points
ROI:              76.35%

Plan C: Progressive and loss recovery combined staking with built in stop loss

Total Staked:  225.98 points
P&L:           + 152.60 points
ROI:               67.53% 

Overall Impressions 

The strategy is very straight forward. Simply check the recommended free stats site each day for qualifying selections, carry out a little more in depth research on current form, league position, importance of match etc. Then make final selections for a double or treble that fits the strict price criteria on Oddschecker and place bet with the best value bookmaker. Obviously there tend to be more matches at weekends and in the review where separate trebles overlapped in kick off times, I simply staked at previous bet stakes. I found it took me around 20 minutes each day to make selections.

The e-manual is clear and easy to follow with plenty of examples on how to find selections and research team form. As stated, I recommend expanding the research by reference to other football stats sites as well. I tend to use for most of my research. Staking Plan C is a little unusual at first but I didn’t find it difficult to apply and as can be seen from the review stats above, this is how to accelerate your bank quickly. Essentially you need to win one bet in three to make a consistent profit.

Value for Money

Three Key Football costs £69.97 via Paypal and the purchase is not refundable. This is made clear on the sales page as is the fact that the e-manual is delivered as an exe file and will only operate on a windows platform. Assuming a fairly modest £5 per point then, based on my results, the average profit per week was:

Level Stakes: £19.15    Plan B:  £28.85   Plan C:  £63.58 

So, even at level stakes it would only have taken four weeks to recoup the purchase price and get into profit. It should also be noted that the 50 point starting banks were never at risk of being severely reduced or wiped out during the review. In my opinion, if you are prepared to spend a little time researching potential selections, Three Key Football represents a very good investment. The ROI for the three staking plans was also very impressive at 67-76%. Where else can you get that sort of return in three months?

Product Rating   

In summary, I consider Three Key Football to be easy to use with a profitable strike rate and impressive ROI to level stakes. I would have awarded the strategy a maximum 5 stars except for the concern that the user is responsible for making the final selections and I have, therefore, decided to award 4.5 stars. Certainly I will continue to use the strategy as part of my football betting strategy in the future. 


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football