Triple H Horseracing – Final Review

Triple H Horseracing

15th May 2012

Sgt Colin Reviews Triple H Horseracing

Rating 3.5 stars

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the results from my fourth review for & the sister website  I reviewed the Triple H Horseracing service, which is available through Steve Davidson, but is written by “Zen”. This is a horseracing system which provides rules for selecting horses to win or place in certain UK handicap races. It is available for a one off payment of £69.95. The system does not come as a “pdf”, but is an encrypted download which prevents copying.

Without giving too much away, Triple H Horseracing requires you to make selections by comparing bookmakers & Betfair odds, both for win & place bets, and placing bets with the bookie when certain criteria are met. The system states that c90 minutes may be required for the selection process, prior to racing starting.

However, if that is too much trouble, Zen provides a selection service for the following prices: £47 per month, £99 for 3 months if you don’t buy the system, and £30 per month, £70 for 3 months if you also acquire it.

I  monitored two separate sets of results – referred to as Versions 1 & 2 – resulting from different classes of handicap race, and the use of both level staking and a recommended staking plan for each.

1. Results

Overall, the selections were very profitable, and using the recommended staking plan we turned a 300 point bank into 449 points (using Version 1, which had more selections) at an ROI of 20%, 732 points staked from 129 selections. Using Version 2 we gained 99 points at a slightly higher ROI, 21% from 476 points staked on 84 selections.

Using level stakes we made lower gains and lower % returns – 14 points using version 1 at 6% ROI, and 22 points using version 2 at 13% ROI.

The nature of the horses selected (high odds) makes the strike rate relatively low. Overall, we had an 8.5% strike rate on Version 1 – so you have to be prepared for potentially long fallow periods.

The staking plan weighted the stakes on the relatively lower odds selections (lowest odds using the system are 5/1), and these were the most successful, hence the better performance of the staking plan than level stakes.

The results were spectacular early in the trial, but fell away rather in the second half. In mid March we peaked at 573 points, with a 52% return, but over the final month we only had 1 winner from 38 selections (and very few placed horses).

2. Ease of Use

So despite the strong results, why have I only given it 3.5 stars? That’s really down to ease of use.

I found the self selection of qualifying races far too time consuming to be viable – and there were large numbers of days when Zen, who is presumably doing this for a living couldn’t find any selections. Spending 90 minutes a day to potentially come up with nothing, is not something which works for me.

So these results were achieved by using the Triple H Horseracing selection service provided by Zen.  As mentioned in the introduction, this is not a service which you can bet on using Betfair or Starting Prices, so you need to be at the computer and make the bet as soon as the selection is received, otherwise the advised odds will probably shorten. I found it difficult to back at the advised odds on numerous occasions, which isn’t to say that the advised odds were unobtainable – just that I wasn’t able to monitor the odds immediately.

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Sgt Colin monitors Triple H Horseracing