Zero Risk Trader Final Review

5stars All By The Book Final Review

5 Stars & Highly Recommended!

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19th November 2013


Sgt Flavell – Reviews Zero Risk Trader

Since the final review has been written Zero Risk Trader has continued to perform excellently. This system literally cannot stop making you money.

I am nick naming it the 5 STAR Money Making Machine!

Results since the final review below…

My ZRT review finished on 9th November 2013  with a profit of +199.26 points from 43 days, an average profit of 4.63 points per day!.

The ZRT profit is currently as of the (26th November 2013) +286.35 points from 60 days, an average profit of 4.77 points per day!.
Month on month this is:
Month Monthly Profit Total Profit
  (Points) (Points)
September 2013 (3 days) +7.51 +7.51
October +121.20 +128.71
November +207.07


As things stand I am happy to continue to review ZRT for the foreseeable future. So that Betting System Truths readers can purchase this product. Make it work for them and be confident in the fact that we will be here making this work with you month in month out.
I will be updating Zero Risk Trader with a monthly post.

Product Outline

The Zero Risk Trader product consists of a manual which describes what Zero Risk Trades are and a program which generates these trades for UK and Irish horse racing.

A Zero Risk Trade is a combination of 4 related bets, all of which can be placed at the same time, which generate either a profit or break even. These bets make this profit by taking advantage of a difference in the way that bookies and exchanges calculate the return on a particular type of bet.

Combining the bets in this way produces a trade which in general produces a significantly greater return on investment that a standard 2 bet arb.

The idea behind the Zero Risk Trade is documented elsewhere, even on the internet, although the manual does give a good description.

That the Zero Risk Trade idea is documented elsewhere is an advantage, the profitability of this idea is well documented.
Whilst the idea behind the Zero Risk Trade is not complicated it is virtually impossible to manually identify them amongst the day’s large number of changing odds and then take advantage of them.

The real value of this product is the Zero Risk Trade program which identifies these trades in real time, identifying which bookies to place the bets with, the odds to take, how much to stake on each bet and how much (zero risk) profit the trade will make. This information can then be used to place the trade’s bets.

The output from the Zero Risk Trade can also be used to identify other opportunities. The trades themselves can often be converted into straightforward arbs, which are, in some cases, preferable to the Zero Risk Trade. Also, the Zero Risk Trades are usually indicative of some activity in the market, usually steamers or drifters. Other systems might be able to take advantage of this information.

The Zero Risk Trader product suggests that an annual return of £5000 – £12000. This review has found that this return is possible especially at the lower end of this range.

Performance of the Product during the review

The Product was initially paper traded and then, for the last 43 days of the review traded with real money.

As documented in my daily posts, I work during the day and so the trading was done in the morning, evening and at weekends.

Whilst the Product is called ‘Zero Risk Trader’, the manual does identify a case when the trade could be at risk. As documented in my review I was caught out and one of my trades made a loss. The risk of taking on a trade which becomes potentially loss making can be mitigated in a number of ways. One of these is to construct a straightforward arb from the Zero Risk Trade if the trade is taken more than a certain time before the off and in the following results the profit from the genuine Zero Risk Trades and these arbs are reported seperately.

Staking plan:

Starting balance: 1000 points (split betfair: 500 points, 10 bookies: 50 points each)

Additional funds: 1000 points. Trading by its nature causes large sums (relative to the profit) to be either staked or risked as liabilities causing potentially large movements of money between accounts. This was an optional fund which was used to balance the accounts. The alternative is to make withdrawals and deposits which bookies might object to.

During the 43 days:

Total number of profiting trades: 63 (a single trade made a loss as described above)

Trades that broke even: 102
Profit against staking plan:
Zero Risk Trades profited: 159.98 points
ARBs profited: 39.28 points
Average profit from trade: 3.16 points
Average profit per day: 4.63 points
Return On Investment as a percent of starting balance: 19.9% in 43 days.

The staking plan used the following ratios for the principle bet in the trade as suggested in the manual:

Odds Stake (Points)
7/1 10
15/2 to 16/1 6
16/1 to 25/1 4
25/1+ 2

The goal of this staking plan is to limit the liability on a single trade to no more than (approximately) 120 points.

One of my (eventually)13 bookie accounts has been restricted during the review of Zero Risk Trader as a result of the Zero Risk Trader activities.
This restriction didn’t stop me placing Zero Risk Trader bets using the above staking plan.

Price of Product

The price of the manual on its own is £149.95
The price of the manual with 3 months access to the software is £199.95
The price of the software licence including renewal is £139.95 for 12 months or £99.95 for 6 months access.

These prices are NOT excessive because the product WILL easily return a profit greater than this a number of times over.


This Product will make a profit!

The manual is easy to understand and the program easy to use.

The program performed especially well in the following areas:

  1. Data provided by the program was more accurate than I expected. In general the trade identified by the program was available and the suggested profit correct.
  2. Running the program had little impact on my PC’s performance.

Overall Rating

Overall the Zero Risk Trader has been given a Betting Systems Truths rating of 5 out of 5.

Profitability (Rating 5 out of 5)

The amount of profit that can be achieved using this Product is dependent on the amount of time you can spend using it, especially at times when the most profitable trades are available such as the early afternoon, and how aggressive your staking is.
Based on my 43 days trading with real money, when I could only use the Product in the evenings, weekends and the odd day off, I have a projected yearly profit of approximately £1700.

The Zero Risk Trader webpage which you can access by clicking here suggests that an annual return of £5000 – £12000 can be made using this Product.

Based on my review this estimate is not unreasonable especially for the lower end of this estimate.

Ease of Use (Rating 5 out of 5)

The manual is short, no filler, and easy to understand, the program is easy to use and the information presented clearly.
The ease of using the information generated by the program is dependent on many things outside of the Products control such as the

  1. quality of your computing equipment, especially display
  2. ease of use of bookies websites

Risks (rating 5 out of 5)

This Product will produce a profit. The risks are minimal if you follow the instructions and take care and pay attention:

  1. Non runners can affect the profit and even cause a loss. Understanding what affect non runners will have on the trade, the likelihood that there will be non runners, placing the trade as close to the off as possible will all reduce this risk. The manual goes into some detail on this point.
  2. The odds change before the trade is completed. Placing the different components of the trade in the correct order will mean that, in general, movement of odds will be in your favour. For example, if the Zero Risk Trade is caused by a streamer then place the bet first, the odds are shortening so the lay component(s) are likely to be at or better than the odds required to produce a profit.  The Zero Risk Trader program does enable you to recalculate the trade although a pen, paper and calculator to hand will also be useful. In addition, when I take a trade I tend to have an idea of what my break even odds are and know that I am comfortably within these bounds so that I can take these should there be a reverse movement of the odds. 
  3. The bookie cancels a bet. If the odds offered by a bookie seem too good to be true, they probably are, the bookie has made an error. The bookies T&Cs state that they can cancel a bet if they have offered it in error and they do. Ignore these bets, at best you are wasting your time, at worst, you could be left with an incomplete trade.

Return on Investment (Rating 5 out of 5)

Using Zero Risk Trader in your spare time and with a conservative staking plan, such as mine, I would expect you to at least double (100%) a £1000 bank even after paying for the product.

Zero Risk Trader can take advantage of bookie offers such as bonus, Best Odds Guaranteed and so on, which will boost your profit.

Using a more aggressive staking plan, targeting trades that are most likely to return profit, finding time in the early afternoon to trade, will enable you, I suggest, to profit more, with £5000 or a 500% return per year, the lower end of the Zero Risk Trade estimate, on a £1000 bank an achievable goal.
Achiving a profit at the highter end of the Zero Risk Trader estimate of £15000, is in theory possible by amongst other things increasing stakes and placing more trades. In practice attempting to achieve these larger profits is likely to be problematic for reasons including the following:

  1. the larger stakes and more frequent betting is likely to bring you to the attention of bookies who may limit your account.
  2. the larger stakes rely on more liquidity in the market.
  3. more time will need to be spent using the product.

In terms of rating I have, after much thought, given Zero Risk Trader 5 out of 5. There are few ‘investments’ of £1000 which will, risk free and with a reasonably small investment of your time, generate 100% to 500%.

Support and Documentation (Rating 5 out of 5)

As stated the documentation, both the manual and the video tutorial available with the program, are clear and easy to understand.
Emails to support are answered quickly and any issue I had with the program resolved the same day.

Time needed to apply the system (Rating 4 out of 5)

As stated, the profit achievable from this product is a function of how much time you have to use this Product, especially your availability in the early afternoon.

For my review the Zero Risk Trader program runs all the time on my PC and I check the output when I have a spare few minutes. The trade itself takes less than a minute to complete.
Sometimes I sit at my computer using the Zero Risk Trader program for an hour or so if there is a big meeting on. Your choice.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have found the review useful.

5stars All By The Book Final Review

5 Stars & Highly Recommended!

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Sgt Flavell Reviews Zero Risk Trader