Michael’s Place Lay Formula Final Review

Review Manager Dave-Reviews Michael’s Place Lay Formula

Michaels Place Lay Formula

Rating: ★★★★½

Passed and Approved

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This is Review Manager Dave I took over this review of  Michael’s Place Lay Formula from a departed Sergeant who seemed to have got himself a bit confused with this one luckily enough it’s a strategy I know and use so I was able to put everything into place. So what is Michael’s Place Lay Formula? Just to recap it is laying horses not to get placed now you would assume this would be harder than laying horses not to win but this strategy delivers the goods, the strike rate is as good if not better than a lot of the other conventional lay products. Downside is you have to follow the racing live but by using Rules 1 to 4 you can actually work out possible races in advance you just need to make sure you are available 10 minutes before any chosen races. Then you incorporate Rules 5 to 8 plus an additional 2 once you have a selection, now like a lot of the strategies there is a little bit of leeway with Michael’s Place Lay Formula, for example if Rule 5 suddenly goes wrong just before the start you can trade out  on your selection. Rule 7 uses the word “around” so providing all the other criteria’s are met you have a little bit of scope. The principle behind the strategy is sound and that is why it is successful although the rules might sound complicated but you will soon have them fixed in your mind.

Now I done some comparison of  Michael’s Place Lay Formula with the other Top Rated Lay products we have tested on BST and certainly it came out on top on the profit made. If you base it against Layersof Profit you would have to come close to giving this one 5 stars, but I took in to consideration that you have to follow the racing live and it cannot be automated so I am awarding this 4.5 stars and recommending it, unfortunately I can not give it 4.75 stars as we do not use that figure.  I am now considering having a shootout of the top rated laying products for the last 7 months plus a live trial, so watch out for this one if it goes ahead.

Anyway onto the main part the figures for Michaels Place Lay Formula for the last 84 days:

Selections 83 /  71 winning Lays = 85.54% Strike Rate
Profit 32.15 points to 1 point Level Stakes
Return on Liability = 12.868%
Return on Investment = 38.73%
Average Price of Selection 4.01
Average Price of Losing Lay 3.94
Longest Winning Run 20 (once)
Longest Losing Run  1 (12 times)

Well the most notable thing apart from the 32.15 points profit is the Return of Liability of 12.85%  I mean any lay product that gets a figure of between 9 to 10% is considered very good. So how did the profit compare to the other major Lay products we have tested on BST let us look at a graph:

Michael's Place Lay Formula

I showed this just to illustrate how far in front of the others Michael’s Place Lay Formula is. I mean the period covered does cover some tricky months October  and November, of course December was totally disrupted by the weather but then of course the same circumstances applies to all four of them. Although Place Lays had 83 selections to BetfairMiracles 52, Graeme Murray’s GoldLays 17 and Layersof Profit 62 it still was way ahead even allowing for the numerical difference. In my review of GM ‘s Gold Lays it did post impressive ROL and ROI but the only thing that held it back was the small amount of selections and small profits, it would appear that Michael’s Place Lays fills this void whilst retaining a good strike and low liability. Was it a fluke I took the results from August 1st to December 31st for all four lay products once again I will show the profits in a graph form:

Michael's Place Lay Formula

So let us see the numbers for Michael’s Place Lay Formula for those 5 months:

Selections 227 /189 winning Lays = 83.26% Strike Rate
Profit 68.83 points to Level Stakes
Return on Liability = 10.10%
Return on Investment = 30.10%
Average Price of Selection 3.979
Average Price of Losing Lay 3.92
Longest Winning Run 23 (once), 18 (once)
Longest Losing Run  2 (4 times)

So the strike rate took a slight drop but this was balanced by the reduction in the average odds, ROL and ROI are still impressive. Now the author of this strategy recommends a very simple staking plan to use with this and this would have further increased the profits to 51.75 points for the 3 months of the review and for the additional period we looked at, the 5 months this would have made 115.98 points profit.

Does it mean the other lay products are bad? Certainly not, the fact that we are going through tough spells and managing to make some kind of profit is a good sign.

To sum up I would recommend  Michael’s Place Lay Formula the results for the 3 months of the review period were certainly no fluke and that was why I looked at a 5 month period as well. The key points to this strategy is short losing runs, low liability also it produces enough selections to generate a decent average monthly profit especially for a lay product.  Negatives as already mentioned you have to follow live racing but you can plan your races in advance, the rules may sound complicated but not really once you have used them for a while. It could be possible as per the author that you could find different selections to him but the variation would not be that great, during the review of  Michael’s Place Lay Formula this happened 4 times and they all were winning lays. I used the Racing Post and Sporting Life online to check on the going. So how much does Michael’s Place Lay formula cost as of today it is priced at £69.99 a reasonable price as this strategy will make profits, of course like all betting products it will suffer losing days maybe an occassional month but not many. Always remember to paper trade whilst you get the hang of the strategy this applies to all service/ systems really you never jump straight in always test and get use to the water first, this is a mistake than many a folk make.


RM Dave-Reviews Michael’s Place Lay Formula

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